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Update 10.03

Monochords ...
... are ancient music instruments which have gained recent importance and popularity through their fantastic sonority and rich overtones.

For twenty years they have been built and constantly improved in the workshop of Jan Dosch. Today they have reached such maturity and vibrational balance that their sound has virtually become a reference.

The grains of exquisite rare woods, exacting body measurements, arched tops and special beams combine stability with optimal vibration and overtone characteristics. The naturally softer woods of the tops are protectively framed at the edges with harder rare woods. The surfaces are repeatedly treated with a composition of biological waxes, which on the one hand improve sound quality, and on the other reduce sensitivity to mechanical or climatical influences.

strings and bridges; or two-sided, with a 20-stringed Monochord on the one side, and a 12- Our instruments are available in two basic sizes; either as a simple Monochord with 17 stringed Koto as well as a 4-stringed Tambura on the other side.

Through the transfer of sound from the playing surface to the other, dual Monochords create an enormous fullnes of sound, volume and echoing resonance.

Special equipment for fine-tuning and marking overtones are availeble for all Monochords.